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APPLIANCES - Affordable Property Management believes the best course of action if you have older appliances is to get a Home Warranty Protection plan that covers them. Otherwise, be prepared to fix them when they breakdown, especially if you have a good tenant and you want them to stay in the property.

When you have a good tenant, they rarely ask for much, and they take care of the place... use your head. Pay for the repairs! The cost is going to be a lot less than the cost of a vacant unit.

UTILITIES - Several of the utilities like trash collection and public sewers attach themselves to the property, not the person who orders the service. What does that mean to you. That means that even if the trash bill is in the tenant’s name, if they do not pay for it, it attaches to the property and becomes your responsibility.... be prepared. Some owners have elected to have Affordable Property Management add the cost of the trash bill and an estimated water bill added to the monthly rent. 

Also, you need to keep enough money in your management reserve account, especially when your property is vacant, to cover the necessary utility bills like water and power. If not, management will have to turn them off which could cause the landscaping to die, and then you'll really be upset.

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