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If you are not independently wealthy like say Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, or even the Olsen twins... then you should carry Renters Insurance. A good place to shop for your Renter's Insurance is with your own auto insurance carrier. 

True or False? Your landlord or the management company is responsible for any damage to your personal belongings? ANSWER: False

All you need to do is look in the paper on any given day and you will see that crimes have been committed and catastrophes like fire and floods have taken place... nobody is exempt. Accidents happen, they happen all the time. Nobody plans them, that's why they are called accidents. Management of risk can be reduced by getting Renter's Insurance.

The owner carries insurance to protect his property, the real estate. If a water pipe bursts, it isn't going to be the owners responsibility to replace your personal items. Every year we have tenants lose their belongings because something happens.... GET INSURANCE!

Affordable Property Management has required tenants to acquire Renter's Insurance since 2010. If there was a fire, burglary, flood or other catastrophe, the property owner or management will not be responsible for loss or damage to the tenants property.

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