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Affordable Property Management's staff are not "all-seeing":
If you hired Affordable Property Management  so you could avoid ever evicting a tenant because we screen tenants... you made a mistake.
If you hired Affordable Property Management because we can handle the property so well you would never have any expenses... you made a mistake.
If you hired Affordable Property Management's  because you thought we could prevent or for see what a tenant might do to a property... you made a mistake.

Property Managers are not gods. However, some owners think we are, or take the position that management should be, and consequently should be able to handle the property and every situation in a god-like manner. Have perfect insight and powers to see the future. Management can inform and advise you based on our twenty five years of  management experience, but we are only human like yourself

Tenants cause bad situations:
For the most part, TENANTS cause bad situations.... Management are not the ones that didn't pay the rent. Management didn't put a whole behind the bedroom door. Management didn't bring the pit bull into the house, after the move-in, that bit the neighbor and tore the mailman's leg off. Management didn't have a BBQ on the balcony that caught fire on the roof overhang.

Affordable Property Management's staff are here to assist you, to guide you, to help collect rents, and keep the property and tenants as much as possible on the straight and narrow. Our experience has taught us a lot and we are willing to share that with you.

Everything, and I mean everything, regarding the property is ultimately your responsibility... it's your property!

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