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If you haven't figured it out by now after reading over the "Inquiring Tenants" web pages section, Affordable Property Management is looking for tenants that are willing to take on some responsibility for the property and want to make the property more than just another rental, but a place they can enjoy and call home.

Maintenance and repairs:
Every property has problems, and like people, they have a tendency to break down more often as they get older. Unfortunately, also like people, it seems that repairs on older properties are more frequent and more costly. If you choose to move into a property with known challenges and problems, do not start complaining about them. Either don't move in, fix them yourself, or live with it. An example might be a squeaky front door, a torn screen, a room that needs a little painting, or maybe the entrance that has a small tear or worn spot in the carpet. These are cosmetic things. They do not stop or inhibit the average person from exercising quiet enjoyment of the property.

Yard and lawn care:
If you're not the type of person that is interested in doing yard work, or you don't have the equipment to keep the yard maintained, DON"T MOVE INTO A PROPERTY WITH A YARD!! It's that simple. It's "ok" not to like to, or be unable to do yard work. Just realize that about yourself, or your situation, and only look at properties that will better meet your needs.

Personal Problems:
Also, if you think Affordable Property MANAGEMENT staff are going to allow you to be late in the rent and not evict you... guess again. Everyone has problems.  If you think this attitude is to harsh, or to mean, then you need to live someplace where the property owner doesn't mind not getting your rent that helps make the mortgage payments, and is elated to have you anyway. Management believes that tenants need to pay their bills on time and if they are late they need to pay  the late fees they were informed of and agreed to when they signed a lease with Affordable Property Management.

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