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Tenants need to remember that with the current laws the State of Nevada is a pro-landord state.

Having said that, most of the owners that Affordable Property Management deals with want to do what is right by their property and the tenant. However, owners are not made of money as many tenants would presume. Tenants need to realize that an inflated housing market usually means that rents don't come close to covering the expenses associated with a property, and the owner is having to come out of pocket each month just to keep the property a float.

If a tenant really enjoys the property, it is in the tenant’s best interest to put a little effort into keeping it well maintained. Management  believes most owners are happy to share expenses when a tenant wants to make a change or improvement that directly benefits the tenant. An example might be the installation of a security screen door or a water softener. These are items the tenant wants but can ultimately benefit the owner as well. Management requires that all improvements/alteration request be submitted to management in writing and receive approval in writing prior to alterations/improvements being done to the property. Some alterations/improvements may require Home Owners Association approval.

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