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2 I just received my monthly management statement but there wasn't a check in it, why not?
2 I thought my tenant moved in on the first of the month, why is my check short?
2 There is a lot that needs to be done since the tenant moved out, will I get their whole deposit?
2 If the tenant hasn't paid after the 5 Day Pay or Quit is up, then what happens?
3 How soon can you get the roof or a/c replaced?
3 The tenant is late in their rent and I can't make my mortgage payment, what do I do?
3 The tenants lease is up in 7 months, how can they just get up and move now?
3 I'm in town today, when can I inspect my property?
4 Isn't the tenant supposed to pay the trash? Why is management billing me?
4 I think I want to sell, can Affordable Property Management help me with that?
4 I've decided to move back into the property, what happens now with the tenant?
5 What are these other income figures on my monthly management statement, doesn't the tenant just pay rent?
5 Why did you change property managers on me?
5 My association dues just went up, can I increase the tenants rent to cover this?
5 We're moving out of the country, can your management company put my funds directly into my bank account?
5 The bids your management company got are to high, can't I just have my friend or the tenants do the work if they want?
6 I received a notice from the city to make a bunch of repairs, what can I do?
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